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Round of 65 pt 2 of 2 Worst Song Ever


Sorry this is so long overdue. Things have been a little crazy in my world. Anyway, for those still interested, here is part two of the first tourney round.

In our play in game, Believe by Cher lost in a squeaker to Thong Song, by Cisqo and is sent home. Cisqo moves on to face #1 overall seed, Barbie Girl. Here are the matchups.


                                                                           Village People Region

1. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Culture Club                       vs.                  16. Rock me Amadeus, Falco

8. Oops I Dit It Again, Britney Spears                                      vs.                  9. Brand New Key, Melanie

4. Bye Bye Bye, NSynch                                                         vs.                  13. Boogie Oogie Oogie, A Taste of Honey

5. I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Bad                                     vs.                 12. Yummy Yummy Yummy, The Ohio Express

3. The Girl is Mine, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson             vs.                 14. Escape (the Pina Colada Song), Rupert Holmes

6. Milkshake, Kellis                                                                vs.                 11. I Am Woman, Helen Reddy

7. Say, John Mayer                                                                 vs.                 10. Cha Cha Slide, Mr. C.

2. Muskrat Love, Captain and Tenille                                        vs.                 15. Wonderful Christmastime, Paul McCartney


                                                                               Air Supply Region

1. Barbie Girl, Aqua                                                                 vs.                16. Thong Song, Cisqo

8. Bad, Michael Jackson                                                           vs.                9. I've Never Been to Me, Charlene

4. Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley                                    vs.                13. I'm Like a Bird, Nellie Furtado

5. Your Body is a Wonderland, John Mayer                                 vs.                12. Rocky Top, Osbourne Brothers

3. Feelings, Albert Morris                                                          vs.                14. Who Let the Dogs Out, Baha Men

6. In the Year 2525, Zager and Evans                                        vs.                11. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Rod Stewart

7. Rico Suave, Gerardo                                                             vs.                10. Last Christmas, Wham

2. True, Spandau Ballet                                                            vs.                15. Greatest Love of All, Whitney Houston

Last time there was some trouble in the voting. It appears that the strikethrough didn't work. I would recommend pasting all the entries into your comment field and then cutting out the song you are not voting for. As always, be sure to vote for the worst song of the two. Thanks for voting, and I promise it won't be a month before the next round.


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Final 2 prelim results: Worst Song Ever

I just wanted to post results here for anyone who cares or who actually takes the time to read these things. Immediately after I finish this, I will go to work on posting the first Tournament brackets as I have finally finished the counting and seeding with thanks to my lovely wife JstDawnee for helping me a bit. It was a lot more work than I had planned on, but it is done.

Let's move right on to the results from Prelim rounds 7 and 8

Group Y: Hard to believe, but I only put 1 Village People song in this thing. Even harder to believe is that it is going home. YMCA is NOT, according to your votes, one of the worst 65 popular songs in history. It isn't ridiculous, stupid, horrid, inane, asinine, or even just plain lame. But that's just your opinion... and Shake Your Booty isn't all that bad either I guess. Worse in your book would be the poignant love song I Wanna Sex You Up by those bastions of pop culture, Color Me Badd, and  the amazing ballad immortalized by Eddie Murphy's Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America... it's Whitney Houston with The Greatest Love of All.

Group Z: This one surprised me. Silly me, I thought people actually liked John Mayer. But you proved to me that you do have some musical taste after voting Say through to the next round. I don't know if he actually wrote this (I guess I will look it up later) but the lyrics to this song are amazing. Say what you need to say, say what you need to say. Say what you need to say, say what you need to say ay ay ay ay. Wow. That's fantastic. Leaving us from this group are the bubblegum classic, 123 Red Light, and a song that makes me throw up a little every time I hear it called No One, by Alicia Keys. Besides the lyrical genius of Mr. Mayer (or his songwriter), moving forward to the round of 65, which should surprise uhh.. no one... is Rico Suave . Uhh Yeah. Good song. Blecch.

Group A2: At times, when I was making out these lists and then watching the voting stay tight for all 4 songs, I would wonder if they were all bad songs, or maybe I just hadn't dug deep enough, and they were just so-so (wow, that's just a horrible sentence. Where's my editor when I need her? Oh, that's right, I don't have one). Anyway, if you understood what I meant there (and even if you didn't), this group showed me that I had found some truly horrible songs. The proof is in the pudding, whatever the hell that means. No, for me, the proof was in the fact that She-Bop by Cyndi Lauper only received 1 vote. ONE. That's it. For I bop, she bop a they bop. Seriously??? I think it is the only song throughout the entire tourney that only got 1. Weird. Anyway, the other three were seperated by only 1 vote. The one that squeaked its way out was She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy, probably because there's a little humor value in the title. Moving forward is Bad by Jack-o and the equally bad Mmm-Bop by Hanson.

Group B2: Eliminated from this group are Rollin' by Limp Bizkit (I always found that to be one of the dumbest band names EVER) and Gloria, by Laura Brannigan, a song that has made me cringe for over 20 years. There were no surprises in this grouping however as Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You , a song I've thought of as a contender for the finals moves forward... and Don Johnson's Heartbeat , proving once and for all that ACTORS SHOULD NOT TRY TO SING!

Group C2: In my opinion, the final 4 groups had only 2 surprise tournament qualifiers. One of them, Ebony and Ivory , while truly boring and sappy, not to mention a waste of two talented performers' time, didn't really strike me as a "Worst Song Ever" candidate. You disagreed. Hollaback Girl, which was not the song I expected to beat it, didn't. At Seventeen, which WAS the song I expected to move forward, is sadly removed from the competition. The other tournament entry, which should surprise nary a soul, including the members of Los Del Rio, is The Macarena.

Group D2: No real surprises here, although I thought 99 Red Balloons would get a little more hate, but it had the lowest total of this group, even behind Don't Worry, Be Happy, a song that I will admit to finding mildly amusing at one point in my life. Moving on will be Sonny and Cher's The Beat Goes On , ladi dadi dee, ladi dadi dah... and Brand New Key , by Melanie. Ahh, simpler times, when lyrical sexual innuendos were as far as they would go instead of lyrics like "I wanna lick lick lick you from your head to your toes, and I wanna !@#$ !@#$ ~!@# you right there on the flo," or whatever the heck they said there. Well, it may have been simpler, but the songs were just as $#!++^

Group E2: Okay, I never expected this song to move forward. In fact I had no idea if it would even get many votes at all. It wasn't close to advancing, but enough of you hate this song to justify it being in for me. Five for Fighting's Superman is one of my least favorite songs ever. What a pile of crap. If I never hear that one again, it'll be too soon. Anyway, it's out. Barry Manilow escapes the humiliation of having 2 entries by narrowly escaping the tourney with Copacabana. This is my second surprise for this round. Instead, moving forward will be Boogie Oogie Oogie , by Peaches and Herb, and Milkshake , by Kellis. I'm not quite sure which one of those I expected to be out, but all Barry has to worry about is Mandy now. I'm sure he's freaking out.

Group F2: The final group went exactly as I expected. Two of the songs that I can admit to having enjoyed more than a little in their day are out. Those would be Whip it and Black Betty. I rocked out to both of them as a teenager. I have no use for them anymore, but they were okay and maybe didn't belong in this thing. They were nominated by someone a few months ago when I started this  (yes it has taken forever, but it will move toward the end fairly quickly now) and so I put them in. Moving forward are the much deserving Mickey , by Toni Basil (I stand corrected) and In the Year 2525 , by Zager and Evans. Funny, but in Lazer's blog-off of the best rock songs, Z and E moved into the 2nd round with this song. I actually thought I liked this song once, but then heard it again after going years without hearing it. I have to say, it belongs here.

So that's it. If you gotten this far, thanks for reading. If you haven't read this far, well then I guess I have nothing to say to you. Be sure to check the blog every 10 days or so to vote for "The Worst Song Ever!!!"


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"Worst Song Ever" prelim rd 7 voting and results.

Happy New Year! Sorry it took so long to post this new round but I have been sick the last few days. Also, I was waiting for some more votes for the previous round since the number of comments are way down from other rounds. I'm not sure if it's because of the holidays or if the list just isn't as bad as the others. No matter. We shall march onward in our quest with or without them. If you are reading this and haven't voted in rd 6 yet, please do. The round will be open for around a week.

Did anyone else see poor Dick Clark? He looks horrible. It's pretty sad too because he was the epitome of cool for so long. My nephew and stepdaughter both sort of laughed at him when he came on and asked "Who is that guy?" I explained a little bit, but then had to change the channel because I really couldn't handle them laughing at him. Then, on Carson Daly's New Year, Katy Perry performed "I Kissed a Girl." I don't mind the song all that much, but maybe I'm getting old because it bugged me to see our 6 year old almost-daughter (mixed up weird family dynamic that I won't go into here) knowing the words and singing along. Welcome to life, version 2.009. Girls singing about kissing girls and Dick Clark hardly able to talk. I guess I am getting old.

Alright, enough of that. On to the results.

Group Q: The Night Chicago Died, the one hit of the one-hit-wonder that was known as Paper Lace, was by far the lowest vote getter for the week. As I am originally from the Chicago area, I never really forgave this song for its opening lyric, "On the East side of Chicago." If anyone ever tells you they are from the East side of Chicago, they are either lying, or they are a fish. Technically, the East side would be the downtown area, but no one ever says that. The true East side of Chicago is Lake Michigan. If anyone cares. And even if you don't. Also in this group, in what might be the biggest upset to date, MacArthur Park, BuccinGator's nomination, and a song that I expected to go a long way in this thing, is eliminated. Sorry Buc. Rest in peace Richard Harris. The "winners" here were The Girl is Mine by Sir Paul and Mike and Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer.

Group R: A 3 way tie for worst here with No Tell Lover escaping the competition fairly easily. This is a hard one for me since I truly do not like any of these three songs in the slightest. I will choose to eliminate Dan Hill's torturous Sometimes When We Touch. So Dan, you can just hold her till you die. Please never sing that song again or we'll all break down and cry. You are outta here. Moving forward will be Party All the Time by the once brilliant but now brilliantly awful Eddie Murphy and I Am Woman hear me snore, by Helen Reddy.

Group S: Another 3 way tie for worst. Feliz Navidad escapes this round, but not the competition because I accidentally placed it in the next prelim round as well. It's probably because I had heard it 62 times in the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas and it was just stuck in my head. t's quite easy for me to pick one of the three to advance in this round so I'll do that first. Don't Cry Out Loud, by Melissa Manchester is easily the worst of the three possibles here as far as I'm concerned. The other 2, Escape and Afternoon Delight, were both popular when I was a kid and I kind of liked both of them at the time. I now realize that I was just a stupid kid and those songs sucked, but hey, what can I say. I was ten or so. So, by virtue of the amazing performance of the song in Anchorman, Afternoon Delight gets a repreive and Escape (the Pina Colada Song), by Rupert Holmes will move ahead.

Group T: This group had a tie as well. The one song you eliminated was (sorry Dawnee, you can't vote for it 23 times) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The song that you voted in is Rod Stewart's Do Ya' Think I'm Sexy. Obviously not Rod. Sorry. Do ya think I'm sucky would have been a better question to ask. Now I know I ask you to make tough choices every week, but this one is just too much for me. I have my reasons for hating both The Thong Song and Believe, so I'll do what the NCAA does in basketball. This one will be the play-in game with the winner going on to take on North Carolina or Duke. Whoever moves on will likely be 1 and done, but hey, someone has to be the Morehead State in this tourney, right?

On to the Voting. And I promise, Feliz Navidad will not appear this week. Thanks for catching that No_Name.
Group Y:
  • YMCA, The Village People
  • Shake Your Booty, KC and the Sunshine Band
  • I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Badd
  • Greatest Love of All, Whitney Houston
Group Z:
  • Rico Suave, Gerardo
  • 123 Red Light, 1910 Fruitgum Company
  • Say, John Mayer
  • No One, Alicia Keys
Group A2:
  • She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, Kenny Chesney
  • Bad, Michael Jackson
  • She Bop, Cyndi Lauper
  • MmmBop, Hanson
Group B2:
  • Lovin' You, Minnie Riperton
  • Rollin', Limp Bizkit
  • Heartbeat, Don Johnson
  • Gloria, Laura Branigan
As always, please pick the 2 worst songs from each group. If you don't have 2 you hate, you can abstain. Also, once again, I'd like to remind those who haven't voted in rd 6 to vote there. Thanks in advance for your votes.
Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.
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Even Newer Worst Song Ever Rd 1 Pt 6 + results #4

Another week has gone by and it's time once again to find out who's been naughty and who's been... well, lets face it, most of these songs belong on the naughty list anyway.

Group M: In the least shocking development of the tourney so far, Start Me Up by the Stones is out with only 3 votes. You were right Section, it just didn't belong. I think the person who nominated it was just sick of it. You do hear it at almost every sporting event if the home team falls behind. In a bit of a surprise, Air Supply squeaks out of this group for Lost in Love, beaten out by the advancing I'm too Sexy, by Right Said Fred and the always wonderful Paul Anka with Having My Baby. Putting that song against Start Me Up was almost like putting the Steelers up against my High School's football team who wins 1 game in a bad year, 2 in a good one.

Group N: Three of these songs were neck and neck while one, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, cruised to the next round, having the 2nd highest number of votes of all 16 songs in this division. Hammer's U Can't Touch This escapes along with Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung. Barely advancing was Rock Me Amadeus, by Falco, another Weird Al parody song. Poor Boy George... We really DO want to hurt you.

Group O: The surprise here was that Our Lips Are Sealed, by the GoGos got even less votes than the Stones, and currently holds the record for the least votes in a round with 2. I didn't think it would advance, but I expected a little more hate than this. If not for a last second vote by my sister in law, it would've only had 1 vote. Part of the reason was that the leader this week, and almost certainly a #1 seed, was in it's group. Barbie Girl, by Aqua, was named on all but 3 or 4 ballots. I will admit to actually buying the CD for my daughters. What a mistake that was. The other song advancing is Last Christmas, by Wham, which just beat out Sweet's Little Willie. Little Willie Willie just went home.

Group P: This goup was about the same as group N. Three close and 1 runaway winner. Neil Young and his golden pipes are gone and Southern Man escapes. We don't need him around anyhow. The Archies are also gone with Sugar Sugar. I try not to say too much about the songs here that might influence voters, but when I was a kid, I loved the song Mandy, by Barry Manilow. When I got older and realized it wasn't cool for a guy to like that kind of stuff, I did what any normal teenager would do. I made fun of it and acted like I'd always hated Barry. Anyway, it barely made it to the next round. The last song moving on is She Bangs, by Ricky Martin. What a shock.

Here are the new songs. Vote for up to 2 from each group. Enjoy!

Group U

  • With a Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker
  • Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice
  • Honey, Bobby Goldsboro
  • Everybody (Backstreet's Back), Backstreet Boys

Group V

  • Whoomp There It Is, Tag Team
  • Brick House, The Commodores
  • Bye Bye Bye, N'Synch
  • Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley

Group W

  • Oops I Did It Again, Britney Spears
  • Feliz Navidad, Jose Feliciano
  • I've Never Been To Me, Charlene
  • Physical, Olivia Newton-John

Group X

  • You Light Up My Life, Debbie Boone
  • Beautiful, Christina Aguilera
  • My Sharona, The Knack
  • Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell

Have at it. And Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it... Happy Chanukah or Kwanza or just Happy Holidays to any of those who don't . If anyone has any Holiday traditions that they want to talk about, please put it in your response. Here's mine. Every year, while we open our presents, we are also wadding the wrapping paper up. Then when we are done, the paper fight begins. It lasts about 5 to 10 minutes and is very fun. We used to drive my aunts crazy with that. I never understood why it bothered them. It wouldn't be Christmas without the paper fight.

To borrow from Dennis Miller, I am... outta here! YO

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All New "Worst Song Ever" Rd 1 Pt 5 & Results pt3


Reading the following blog has been found to cause serious side effects due to horrible songs becoming stuck in the reader's head. Side effects include:

Self administered frontal lobotomy, Hair Loss, Night Sweats, E.D., A.D.D./A.D.H.D., Nausea and Vomiting, Frequent Urination, Migraine Headache, Suicidal and/or Homicidal Tendencies, Depression and Flatulence. By continuing to read beyond this point, you hereby indemnify CBS Sportsline and its affiliates, and the blog's author, from any financial liability and/or criminal negligence including, but not limited to: Income loss (both present and future earnings), Lawyer's fees, medicinal costs (including anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, Viagra and Beano) and psychiatric fees.



Well, you're past the point of no return. Bless you brave soul. Without you, I would probably be back to blogging the hapless Seahawks. The blog would read something like this... Man, the Seahawks really suck this year. Don't they? ... Very intriguing reading there isn't it? Anyway, back to the tourney. Part three of the preliminary round is now in the books. Let's get right to the results... after this message.

This blog is brought to you by Beano, the choice of a gassy generation... and Viagra. Don't let E.D. get you down. Get it up with Viagra!

Group I: Sade's Smooth Operator escapes fairly easily as does Madonna's only tourney entry Like a Virgin. Rocky Top, one of 3 songs in the tourney that I had never heard of before it began, advances along with a lovely ballad about a ho and her two studs called Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary McGregor. Now she's really feeling like a fool.

Group J: What a crappy bunch of songs here. For Karma Chameleon AND Cherokee Nation to lose in the 1st round... WOW, all I can say is WOW! Personally, if I'd had a vote, I think I would've voted for those two over the two that advanced, but if I'd wanted to know what MY worst song ever was, I'd have just asked myself. Since that is not the point, She Blinded me With Science and Oh Baby Baby are moving forward.

Group K: You spin me Round (like a record) is gone. The 3 others (We Built This City, I Just Called to Say I Love You, and Tragedy) are tied. Back to that in a moment.

Group L: Eye of the Tiger is out. From a Distance is not. Kokomo and My Humps are also in a dead heat. Easy one for me here. I like the Beach Boys but hate Kokomo. I don't like Fergie or the Peas and hate hate hate the advancing My Humps.

Back to group K... Not the easiest decision, but not too awful for me either. I've dissed on Stevie Wonder enough. He's blind for God's sake. Can't he at least have 1 lousy song? I'll advance We Built this City and Tragedy.

Whew. Okay, time for the new batch of disgustingness. No Emmitt, that's not really a word.

Group Q

  • The Night Chicago Died, Paper Lace
  • MacArthur Park, Richard Harris
  • Your Body is a Wonderland, John Mayer
  • The Girl is Mine, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

Group R

  • Party All the Time, Eddie Murphy
  • Sometimes When We Touch, Dan Hill'
  • I Am Woman, Helen Reddy
  • No Tell Lover, Chicago

Group S

  • Feliz Navidad, Jose Feliciano
  • Afternoon Delight, Starland Vocal Band
  • Don't Cry Out Loud, Melissa Manchester
  • Escape (the Pina Colada Song), Rupert Holmes

Group T

  • Believe, Cher
  • Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Gordon Lightfoot
  • Thong Song, Sisqo
  • Do Ya' Think i'm Sexy, Rod Stewart

I was going to try to say something intelligent here, but I... well.. uhhh... Vote for Pedro! No no "Just Vote Baby!" Vote for the worst two in each group.

I used too much space in the blog to promote a lot of other blogs here like I usually do, so just post 'em in your comment if you want to. I sure don't mind. That's All Folks.... YO

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"Worst Song Ever" More Results + Rd 1 pt 4 voting

I was just telling JstDawnee, my lovely wife for those of you who don't know her, that the very worst part about doing this blog is that when I'm counting the votes, these songs tend to go through my head. After I'm done, I have to play something that I like in order to get the damn things out of there. For round 1 part 2, the majority of the losers were very clear cut with 1 exception. Just as in part 1, there was one tie and a very difficult decision for me to make, one that at this moment, I'm not 100% sure which I'll pick, but we'll get to that in a few.

First, I want to do a little advertising once again for some of my favorite blogs. Be sure and check them out and add the authors to your favorites if you like their work. Last time I posted links in the body of my blog for LazerWright and Section_725 and they have since posted new material for you to vote on, so be sure to check them out and cast your ballots once again. This time I'm going with John_Lennon2's jokes blog. There are some great laughs in here. http://johnlennon2.blogs.sportsline
 I especially like his post for today. Also, The aforementioned JstDawnee has started a blog. It's the best of youtube. http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs
 She's something of a youtube expert and will post new videos fairly often in the blog comments section just as Lennon posts new jokes every day or two. If you enjoy a good laugh, you should check out these blogs regularly, and also post your joke or video in a comment. 

Okay, enough of that. Let's get on with it.

Group E. Kung-Fu Fighting and All by Myself are gone, beaten somewhat soundly by Sir Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime and completely destroyed by what looks like a tournament "favorite", Billy Ray Cyrus' magical tune "Achy Breaky Heart. Billy was named on around 90% of your ballots. Billy, I just don't think you understand... your song sucks, and it sucks bad!

Group F. Styx is out. Thank you very much-o Mr. Roboto, but your services will no longer be required. Funkytown, a song that some here have said was a candidate for the finals just didn't make enough people want to vomit. Lipps Inc., with it's incredibly clever and punny  band name (NOT!), pulls a Keyser Soze and escapes right under our noses, while Yummy Yummy Yummy and Muskrat Love face humiliations galore and move on to the next round.

Group G. This was the most clear cut of any of the four. A vast majority of you agreed that Seasons in the Sun and Rock Lobster aren't really that bad. I'm with you, although I'm not a big fan of either one of them. Albert Morris got the gong with Feelings making Chuck Barris and Jamie Farr proud. I'm showing my age here, so if some of you younger voters aren't following me, ask someone over 40. The leader of this pack was done by a band I saw at Comiskey Park on my 13th birthday. I was actually there to see a ballgame, I swear. According to you voters, S A T U R D A Y Night, B L O W S and the amazing Bay City Rollers roll on.

Group H. Okay, I was pretty sure you guys wouldn't vote Dave Matthews forward, and you didn't. That was one of my nominations. I hate hate hate the song Satellite. But, this is a democracy, not a dictatorship and so Dave and his band are spared further degradation. 1 vote separated 1st from 3rd in this group. A song that I didn't think would advance ended up with the most votes. It makes me happy though as I can't stand this song after hearing it 40 million times at work in the last few years. To Mr. James Blunt, I say this: You are not Beautiful! You're moving to the next round. It's true. And finally, it's almost a coin flip for me. I'm like a Bird or Morning Train. Spare me the agony of having to listen to both of these piles of dog doodoo. Heads or tails? Ugh. I... I... I pick I'm Like a Bird. Damn that was tough.

Wow, I'm kind of wordy tonight. Sorry about that. Well, not really. I think I'll just shut up now and post the next 4 groups. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Shutting up now. Not talking. Not saying a word. Okay fine. Here you go.

Group M

  • Having my Baby, Paul Anka
  • Start Me Up, Rolling Stones
  • Lost in Love, Air Supply
  • I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred

Group N

  • Rock Me Amadeus, Falco
  • Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Wang Chung
  • Do you Really Want to Hurt Me?, Culture Club
  • U Can't Touch This, Hammer

Group O

  • Last Christmas, Wham
  • Little Willy, Sweet
  • Our Lips Are Sealed, The Go-Gos
  • Barbie Girl, Aqua

Group P

  • She Bangs, Ricky Martin
  • Mandy, Barry Manilow
  • Southern Man, Neil Young
  • Sugar Sugar, The Archies

Before any Stones or Neil Young fans go off on me, I just have to say this... Neither of these songs were nominated by me, and I think it's more fun if we have a huge variety of bands in here. I could've put just about every air supply song ever made in the tourney and no one would complain. Also, I have tried to be very impartial in my selections and in not trying to sway the votes in any direction. But, looking at the Stones and Neil's competition, it shouldn't be too tough for them to escape. But don't let that sway you my wonderful voters. Just choose up to 2 songs from each group that you dislike more than the other songs in the group. If you haven't voted in the previous posting, it is still open. Thanks in advance for your votes. Till next time, YO


NOTE: This round is now closed. Thanks for voting.

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Edited on: December 12, 2008 3:13 am

"Worst song ever" rd 1 pt 3 + pt 1 results

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was awesome, and I'm still out of town for a few more days. I'm kind of missing my bed and the woman who sleeps next to me there, since she didn't have the vacation time in order to come with me, but all in all it has been good. The results from part 1 are in. Here are your 1st 8 "winners".

Group A: She's Like the Wind dominated this group and moves on easily while Candyman was barely eliminated by Run Joey Run. That would've been a big upset IMO since I expected Run Joey Run to walk away with this one. My guess is a lot of you don't know Run Joey all that well. Photograph escaped the competition without much trouble.

Group B: This one was very clear cut. Sundown and Candle in the Wind were clobbered by Cha-Cha Slide and True, with True leading the way. No surprises as far as I'm concerned. I didn't really want to include Sundown in the first place, but it is one of the wife's least favorite songs, and well, she's my wife.

Group C: No major surprises here either other than this... You guys really hate Celine Dion. My guess is that if there were a lot of ladies voting, My Heart Will Go On would have been eliminated, but instead, it was the leading vote-getter from this group. Joining Celine will be the Baja Men with Who Let the Dogs Out. Cars and Hanging Tough escape- Cars easily, and Hanging Tough by only 1 vote.

Goup D: Wake me up Before you Go-Go is out by a large margin. Quite a surprise for such a crappy song, but as many said, this may have been the worst group from part 1. How am I Supposed to Live Without You, by that ass-clown Michael Bolton is moving forward. We have our fist tie and my first voting opportunity in this group. Only 1 vote separated these two "jewels" from Bolton and first place, and it's a very tough decision for me. Clay Aiken's Invisible, or The Spice Girls with Wannabe. After much deliberation (I actually listened to both on youtube) I have chosen this because of the stellar lyric, repeated at least 3 or 4 times, of "I wanna really really really wanna zigazag ahh". Wannabe will go forward.

Time to vote for part 3

         Group I

  • Torn Between 2 Lovers, Mary MacGregor
  • Like a Virgin, Madonna
  • Rocky Top, The Osbourne Brothers
  • Smoothe Operator, Sade

        Group J

  • Oh Baby Baby, Brittney Spears
  • Karma Chameleon, Culture Club
  • She Blinded Me With Science, Thomas Dolby
  • Cherokee Nation, Paul Revere and the Raiders

         Group K

  • I Just Called to Say I Love You, Stevie Wonder
  • We Built This City, Starship
  • You Spin Me Round (like a record), Dead or Alive
  • Tragedy, The BeeGees

        Group L

  • Kokomo, The Beach Boys
  • Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
  • My Humps, Black-Eyed Peas
  • From a Distance, Bette Midler

As always, vote for up to 2 from each group, picking what you think are the worst of the 4 songs. Round 1 part 2 is still open and a lot of people who voted in part 1 have still not voted at this point. Also, be sure to check out the blogs by LazerWright, Section_725, and BuccinGator... and anyone else who votes regularly here (I see Lennon and RobToxin have blogs I need to check out as well). Feel free to post links to your blog or any other that you think might be of interest. Thanks in advance for voting. YO

Note, This round is now closed.

Posted on: November 14, 2008 4:20 am
Edited on: November 30, 2008 3:04 am

"Worst Song Ever" Tourney, Rd 1 - AFC East

    A few weeks ago, I asked you, "What's the worst song ever?" and I got some great responses. I have compiled a list of 164 of the worst from your nominations and with some help from Bricktop's blog entry "Jukebox from Hell" and a couple of other sources on the web. I tried to keep it fair... a few of my favorite songs are included in the list, and I don't think any band or artist is on it for more than 3 songs. You will probably disagree with some of the songs included, and I'm sure there are some omissions as well, but hey, who's perfect? I have split them into 8 divisions (named after NFL divisions) of 16 songs each. This will take a fairly long time to determine a "winner", but I'm sure it will be worth it.

For round 1, there will be four songs in each group. Please choose up to two songs from each group. Hopefully, there will be enough voting that we can get through each region in a week or so. I will not be voting unless there is a tie. Your vote won't count if you choose more than 2 songs from a group, so please don't do it. If you have a strong stomach and don't know all the songs on the list, I'm sure you could find most of them on youtube, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Without further ado, let the Tourney begin!

          Group A

  • Photograph, Nickelback
  • Run Joey, Run, David Geddes
  • She’s Like the Wind, Patrick Swayze
  • Candyman, Sammy Davis Jr.

          Group B

  • Sundown,  Gordon Lightfoot
  • Cha-Cha Slide, Mr. C.
  • True, Spandau Ballet
  • Candle in the Wind, Elton John

         Group C

  • Cars, Gary Numan
  • Who Let the Dogs Out,  Baha Men
  • Hanging Tough, New Kids on the Block
  • My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion

          Group D

  • Wannabe, Spice Girls
  • Invisible,  Clay Aiken
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,  Wham
  • How am I Supposed to Live Without You, Michael Bolton

Remember, you are voting for the worst 2 songs from group A, then the worst 2 from group B, etc. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.


This round is now over. Round 1 part 2 will be open until around 12/7/08. Thanks.

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