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Will we gain ground in the bye week?

At first glance, it appears that the Seahawks could end September 2008, one of the worst months in recent franchise history, only 1/2 game out of first place. The bye couldn't come at a better time considering all the injuries to our receivers. Okay, the Cardinals and 49ers are playing a better brand of football than they've played in several years, but this week looks like it could be tough for both clubs. And then there's the Rams. Sorry Rams fans, methinks you are done for.

Here are the games to be played in the NFC West this Sunday.

Buffalo Bills (3-0) @ St. Louis Rams (0-3)  Line: Bills by 8.5
The Bills are coming off a gut-wrenching, nail-biting, last second, 1 point victory over the Raiders. The Bills appeared to have overlooked the Raiders, a team with head coaching issues who probably couldn't beat anyone but the Chiefs right now. They meet the Rams this week, another team with head coaching issues who wishes they were playing the Chiefs right now. The Rams are coming off a gut-wrenching, nail-biting , last second, 24 point loss to the Seahawks. Will the Bills sleepwalk through the first 3 quarters of a football game for the 2nd week in a row? Will Trent (oops, where'd the ball go)  Green spark his club like Gus (I've played for every team in the NFL... twice) Frerotte did for the Vikings last week? Will the Bills team from the last few years finally show up and give the Rams a chance in this one? Uhh... no. In a game that is not as close as the final score, Buffalo takes it behind 2 Marshawn Lynch TDs and steady, if not spectacular play by Trent (I'm better than Green and Dilfer) Edwards by the final score of 24-10.

San Francisco 49ers (2-1) @ New Orleans Saints  (1-2) Line: Saints by 4.5
This should be an entertaining ball game. Mike Martz offensive schemes have done wonders for his team as has the play of J.T. (boy am I glad I don't have to hold the clipboard anymore) O'Sullivan and Frank Gore. The Niners have gone from dead last in most offensive stats in '07 to a steady middle of the pack and O'Sullivan, who is starting his 4th NFL game after 7 years on the bench, appears to be gaining confidence every week. The Saints are led by Drew (am I really leading the league in passing yards for a 1 and 2 team) Brees and Reggie Bush. Tight End Jeremy Shockey is out for 3 to 6 weeks in what could be a bonus for Reggie Bush FF owners. Bush's running yards are not spectacular, but he may end up reminding 49er fans of Roger Craig - solid runs, good catches out of the backfield, and good at watching the short yardage back score TDs. In a nail biter, Martin Gramatica hits the go ahead FG with just over a minute to play. 49ers fall just short on the 2 minute drive when O'Sullivan throws a pick just as the Niners are nearing FG range. Final score: Saints win 38-36.

Arizona Cardinals (2-1) @ New York Jets (1-2)   Line: Jets by 1
Arizona, led by QB Kurt (I'm glad they didn't make me give my MVP trophies back when I was sucking it up with the Giants) Warner, WRs Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, and RB Edgerrin James, can move the ball downfield in a hurry. The New York Bretts proved last week against the Chargers that they can let the ball move downfield in a hurry. Brett (do you really think I might not play because I'm "questionable") Farve has not yet met expectaions with his new team. I for one, have not been aboard the Favre bandwagon this season but am preparing to jump on for this game. Knowing New York fans attitudes, the honeymoon is likely over. If the Jets lose this game, the grumbling will begin. God knows they are freaking out over the baseball season (Mets will be knocked out of the playoffs Sunday and shouts of "Fire Manuel" or "Fire Girardi" will be heard all over the 5 boroughs) and fans are just waiting for the Knicks to begin play so they can take out their frustration by booing mercilessly from their 200 dollar seats, while drinking their 10 dollar Budweisers. Farve knows all of this by now, or he will once he reads my blog, and will know that he must win one for the great fans of New York. Kurt Warner is knocked out of the game and the Jets win going away, 30-16.

I could be wrong.
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Like I was Saying

20 passes for Hasselbeck, Julius Jones runs well, and an easy win. All in all a pretty ho-hum game, but we've got to be pleased to have a 1 in the W column. The receiving by committee worked out okay, but the best thing about this game was that our defense held firm for the majority of the time. We held Stephen Jackson down until garbage time... ditto for Tory Holt... and forced Bulger to turn the ball over a couple of times. This has to beg the question "was it our great defense, or a bad Rams offense?"  I'd have to say it was a little of both. Defensive questions should be a bit clearer after the next few games though, what with the rough October schedule.

All in all, I have to give the Seahawks an A for this game. They did exactly what they needed to do and suffered no more major injuries. Since they have the bye next week, September is now over for the Hawks. My grade for them for September is a C-. If the Bills hadn't proven themselves to be a pretty good team the last 2 weeks, the grade would have to be a D. The scale changes for October. If Seattle can win 2 out of 4 for the month, they get a B; 3 of 4, an A, and if they go undefeated, we're Superbowl bound. I'm pretty sure we aren't going undefeated in October though. If I was a bettor, I'd probably lay 100 to 1 odds against it.

Here's hoping they can get healthy over the next two weeks and be ready for the Giants in New York. 
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uh-oh and 2

Ok Seahawks fans, so we're 0 and 2, what now? Is there hope left for this season or is it already over? Until the Hawks signed Koren Robinson, there probably wasn't an uninjured receiver on the roster that you'd heard of. With the Sonics gone, is there anything left in pro sports worth watching or are we just waiting for the Mariners spring training? Will Mike Holmgren go out with a whimper? Will the string of division titles end in '08?

Well, in all this there is some good news. The Rams are coming. The Rams, who have been outscored 79-16 through 2 games. The Rams, who have allowed almost 170 yds a game on the ground. You can expect Julius Jones to run wild against them and get us back to 1-2. Matt Hasselbeck should only have to throw 20-25 times in this game at most and bring home an easy win. Now I'm sure most of us expected a couple of easy wins already, but this game should not have you worried. If the unthinkable happens and the Rams pull off an upset, then yes, the season is done, especially when you look at the schedule for the next few weeks. There is more good news however. We have a bye in week 4. Time to get healthy. Generally, an early bye week is not a good thing, but in the Seahawks case, it might be just what the doctor ordered. Deion Branch should be back for week 5 against the Giants and Nate Burleson is a possibility as well.

There is more bad news. The schedule looks rough in October. Three of the four games are on the road. At the Giants, home to the Packers, at the Buccaneers and at the 49ers. The good news here is the division. I know, you are as sick as I am that the NFC West is hounded as the worst division, making all those division titles seem like no big deal. They were a big deal. But you have to admit, our chances of getting to the playoffs over the Niners, Cardinals and Rams seem slightly better than if we traded places with the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles or the Redskins. If the Seahawks can scrape up a 3-4 record through October, I think we'll see them make a late season playoff run. If not, it could turn into a very long season.

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