Posted on: October 12, 2008 4:15 am
Edited on: October 12, 2008 4:54 am

Well, that was fun...

...watching a total trouncing last week. The good news is, we aren't playing the Giants again. Even better news: it can't get any worse. At least I don't think it can. Now for the bad news. Matt Hasselbeck is not expected to play, although it will likely be a game-time decision. If he doesn't, the start will go to Charlie Frye, who has compiled a stellar 6-13 record in his 19 career starts. What was that I said about it not getting any worse? And after waiting for Deion Branch's return to the field, (yes, I know he's been a disappointment, but I was hoping he'd bring something to the table) he plays in one game and promptly goes out injured again. Great.

The Packers are reeling nearly as badly as the Seahawks, although they are still only 1 game behind the Bears in the NFC Norris as Chris Berman calls it. Their defensive numbers, if you can believe it, are almost as bad as ours. Green Bay's defense is ranked 26th and Seattle's is 27th in the league in yards allowed per game. The Pack allow 5.5 yards per play, which sounds pretty bad... until you see that the Hawks allow 6.0 yards per play. The key to this game for the Seahawks, especially if Frye starts, will be to run and run often. The Packers have allowed 157 yards a game on the ground. For the Seahawks to win, I feel they must gain at least that much rushing the football.

Here's the thing: this is a MUST win for this team. I know, it's still early, but I believe it is time for the Seahawks to make a statement. Hopefully, the statement won't be "We just aren't very good", because so far, that's what their play has been saying. That said, this is also an extremely important game for the Packers as well. After their 2-0 start, they have dropped 3 straight. A 4 game losing streak will make fans wish Brett Favre had never left, if they aren't wishing that already. It's hard to believe that this is a rematch of a divisional playoff game from last year. Both teams seem to be floundering. Back to the Seahawks. If they lose, they go to 1-4 with games at Tampa and at San Fran the next two weeks. The main reason I call this game a must win is that I don't see them winning both of those games. 2-5 or 1-6 sounds like the season is over to me.

The line on this game is Seahawks by 1. I hope they are right, but after last week, and with Hasselbeck out, I have to take the Packers by 6, 37-31. But I sure hope I'm wrong and the Seahawks pull this one out. My quick picks last week, and my call that Seattle would lose a close one were so bad that I almost don't want to make any picks this week. But I will anyway. St.Louis, minus Scott Linehan, will still get clobbered by the Redskins, and in honor of last weeks Seahawks loss, I'll say 44-6. The Cardinals are a better team than I gave them credit for and will give the Cowboys a run for their money but fall 31-24, and the 49ers will lose at home to the Eagles, 24-20.


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