Posted on: October 8, 2008 2:36 am

I Give up on the Cubs... forever

That's what Brian P. Patke wrote to the Chicago Tribune according to Scott Miller.


Here's what I have to say to him and to anyone else who will no longer be a Cub fan after their 2nd consecutive sweep out of the playoffs. "Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Poor you." Oh, and here's what the real Cubs fans should be saying. "Good riddance. We won't miss you."

Yes, I know that the Cubs lost. Yes, I know it hurts, especially when your team was expected to win. Yes, I know your heart is broken. So what! You mourn for a while, then you get over it and get ready for spring training and get excited again. Or you get into other sports until baseball season comes around. If you give up on them now, you were never a fan in the first place.

I have been a White Sox fan since the early 70's. My friends used to tell me that the Sox sucked, and all the cool kids rooted for the Cubs. They were right... for the most part. I knew some dorks who were Cub fans as well. But the point is, even when they were horrible, I never gave up. Even when they had a good team and lost in the playoffs to the Mariners or Blue Jays, I didn't give up. I hurt...maybe even shed a tear or two, but then I moved on and hoped that next year was THE year. It seemed like it would never come. It didn't matter. I still loved my team. You should too.

My father, also a lifelong White Sox fan, was born in 1929. He never gave up. He went to the World Series in 1959. He didn't consider the Hall of Fame legitimate until Nellie Foxx was inducted. That year, he made the trip to Cooperstown for the induction ceremony. He turned 76 years old in 2005 when the Sox won their 1st World Series title in his lifetime. 76! He now lives in Wisconsin and I live in Oregon, so I didn't get to watch the games with him. On the phone with him after the Series was won, I could barely speak. I was very happy that I got to see it, but I was ecstatic for my dad. All those years had finally paid off.

I don't bring this up to rub 2005 in your face. Far from it. In fact, I want to encourage you to tell any fan of another team who gives you crap over the Cubs to go @#$%,or something to that effect. To hell with 'em. Maybe you're afraid that you'll never get to experience a World Series victory. That's understandable, but most likely wrong. The Cubs, in my opinion, will win a World Series title. And soon. But that's not why you should love a team. If that's the case, then become a Yankee or Red Sox fan. Root for USC when they play the Big Ten. You'll be a winner, right? Wrong. How many lifetime Yankee fans (over 13 years old I mean) will ever experience the kind of pure, unbridled joy that you'll experience when the Cubs do win that World Series title? Answer... ZERO. When it happens, you can tell all those guys with the Cubs=Chokers signs, and all those nasty White Sox fans (yes, I know there are lots of us out there who hate on you) to @#$% and die because THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!  And even if it never happens, if they go another 100 years without a title, what is better than a nice summer afternoon at Wrigley, sitting in the bleachers, having a few 7 dollar Bud Lights, and watching baseball? Answer... Not much.

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