Posted on: January 31, 2009 3:30 am
Edited on: January 31, 2009 3:32 am

"The Big Game"

I will be recounting all the votes for the "worst song ever" tomorrow to set up seeding and get the round of 64 started in the next day or two... probably after "The Big Game."

Speaking of "The Big Game," is there anyone else who finds it as ridiculous as I do that "Joe's bar and grill" can't advertise that they are having a Super Bowl Party this Sunday? It got me to thinking. If I were running an ad company, I'd try to get my clients to get on board with a "screw the NFL" ad campaign. Here are my ads.

Chunky Soup: A couple is chatting and all of a sudden the man looks at his watch and says, "It's time for the big game honey. I think this one is going to be Super." The wife looks at him and says, "Bowl of Chunky Soup dear?"

Great Clips: Announcer: This week and this week only we are offering our Super Bowl-Cut for just 9.95!"

Target: A little girl is walking around trying to bounce her ball and it just isn't bouncing very high. She walks up to her dad and says,"Can I get a new Super Ball Sunday Daddy?" Announcer: "For all your Super Ball needs, and much much more, get to Target, and Get More."

Beef: A woman is standing on the porch of her farm house ringing a bell. All the farm hands come running in to the kitchen. She is serving steak. Announcer: When your ringing your supper bell Sunday, be sure they leave it all out on the field. Beef, it's what's for dinner.

Tupperware: Announcer: "Kids. They're just plain messy. But after years of development, tupperware has finally come up with a mess free way for your kids to eat cereal. We call it "The Sipper Bowl"

and finally...

FOX network: Announcer: "You've seen him do comedy, game shows, and appear on the Tonight Show. Now, comedian Soupy Sales takes on his biggest challenge ever. On February 1st, Mr. Sales heads to the lanes. Don't miss "Soupy Bowls Sunday!"

Hope everyone has a Happy Big Game Day!

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