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Posted on: January 13, 2009 3:47 am

Final Prelim rd "Worst Song Ever + results pt. 6

Well folks, it's time to fill in the final 8 slots for the tourney. For all of you who have been here throughout, I thank you for your intestinal fortitude and willingness to subject yourselves to the horror of having Paul Anka songs running through your head. To those of you who recently hooked up with this blog-off, welcome. More horrors await. At first glance, it seems to me that this group of 16 songs could be the worst yet. Hard to believe, but it's pretty ugly as far as I'm concerned. We'll get to that in a moment.

But first (which is usually how I work my way to the aisle in an airplane) it's time for the results from prelim #6. These songs had the lowest number of responses of any of the rounds, but I'm pretty sure it is because it was posted during Christmas week. There were a couple of songs that really didn't belong and that may have been a factor as well. But no matter. As I said, I'm sure you will find the upcoming batch to be fairly disgusting. As Ryan Seacrest would say, America, here are your results.

Group U: This group contained one of my favorite songs of all time. Your votes proved it didn't belong in the competition, but it was nominated way back when and I've gotten some grief from friends over liking this song. Thank you all, with just 2 exceptions, for not voting for With a Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker. I can understand those of you who voted for it not liking it because in truth, he's not a great singer, but I feel vindicated. Also going home from group U is a true nightmare of a song... Honey by Bobby Goldsboro. Todd Leopold, a writer for cnn.com, ranked this as his worst song ever, but here, it is not even in the worst 64. It was beaten out by Ice Ice Baby, and Everybody (Backstreet's Back). I'm not really surprised. Thankfully, even though it was a number 1 song in the late 60's, Honey is not that well known anymore. Praise the Lord.

Group V: Another song that several people felt didn't belong was Brick House. I pretty much hate that song, but it escapes easily. Also leaving us tonight, but not by much, is Whoomp There it is. Pretty clever lyrics there Tag Team. But, you probably made more money from that stupid song than a lot of folks will make in their entire lives. Real Men of Genius.... Mr. Really Crappy Pop Song Singers OH YEAH! Moving forward is another boy band, N'Synch with Bye Bye Bye and Rick Astley's stunning ballad Never Gonna Give you Up. You've all been RickRoll'd.

Group W: Feliz Navidad. Feliz Navidad. Feliz Navidad, prospero ano y felicidad. I wanna wish you a merry Christmas. I wanna wish you a merry Christmas. I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. That's it. No other lyrics. How much did Jose make off of that? Scary. But, once again, not going forward in the competition, easily escaping for the 2nd straight time due to blogger error. Physical, by Olivia Newton-John has also escaped the competition by a mere 2 votes. Moving on will be Oops I Did it Again and I've Never Been to Me.

Group X: No contest for My Sharona, a song that I liked and pretty much regret having put into the competition. On my nomination post, several people expressed their dislike for this song so I put it in. It's easily 1 and done. Also out, but barely, is Christina Aguilera's lone entry, Beautiful. No matter what they say, this song pretty much ruins my day whenever it comes on at work. But it is out, losing to the likes of Rhinestone Cowboy and the overall worst song of this round by virtue of your votes, You Light up my Life.

Moving on to this week's cesspool, here are the final entries

Group C2

  • Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani
  • At Seventeen, Janis Ian
  • Macarena, Los Del Rio
  • Ebony and Ivory, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

Group D2

  • The Beat Goes On, Sonny and Cher
  • Brand New Key, Melanie
  • 99 Red Balloons, Nena
  • Don't Worry, Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin

Group E2

  • Milkshake, Kellis
  • Boogie Oogie Oogie, Peaches and Herb
  • Copacabana, Barry Manilow
  • Superman, Five For Fighting

Group F2

  • Mickey, Toni Basile
  • Black Betty, Ram Jam
  • Whip It, Devo
  • In the Year 2525, Zager and Evans

Okay, so maybe it isn't the worst of the worst, but there are some stinkers in there for sure. As always, vote for the two worst songs from each group. If you can admit that you only hate 1 in a group, then you don't have to pick 2. Thanks in advance for your votes.

YO, Out.

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