Posted on: October 5, 2008 5:14 am

Seahawks @ the New York football Giants

This post is difficult for me. Do I play homer and tell you that the Seahawks will win for sure, or do I preach gloom and doom, the Giants are too good, we have too many question marks etc.? Well, I've never been a homer, so that's out, but I've never been a sky is falling kind of a guy either. So here's what I'll do... I'll really tell you what I feel and you can rip me if I'm wrong. At this point, I give the Seahawks about a 35 percent chance of winning this game. In order to do that, they must control the line of scrimmage, especially on offense. Hasselbeck can not be sacked 5 times and expect to win this game. If I were Holmgren, I'd really be about trying to establish the run in the first half, especially with a solid pass rush on the other side and some rusty receivers on ours. The Hawks need to use the pass to keep the Giants D honest at times, but I'd try to use a ball control passing game and not go deep too often.

We do have Deion Branch and Bobby Engram back, but I'll be surprised if they make a big impact this first game. Also, the Giants will be without wideout Plexico Burress whom the team has suspended for missing a team meeting. The Seahawks have got to be concerned about falling to      1 -3 and for that reason, I think they make a game of it. I look for the Giants to have the lead in the 4th, Seahawks close the gap late, but... ugh... fall a little short, but cover the 7 point spread, 24-20. I hope I'm wrong and they win it. I have been before. The fact is though, we are 1 -2 with our only victory being against one of the worst teams in the league right now. The Giants are 3-0 with a victory over the Redskins, who are looking like one of the best teams in the league. Kind of scary. Go Seahawks! Prove me wrong.

In other NFC West games, the 49ers play host to the Patriots, the Cardinals host the Bills, and the Rams take a much needed week off.  My quick picks: 49ers by 3, Bills by 10, Rams lose even though they are off.

One last thing. Thanks to those of you who checked out my Cubs post. Kind of cool to actually have someone reading my stuff. Sorry Cub fans. Rough Series. But your still not cursed. Maybe jinxed, but definitely not cursed.

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