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"Worst Song Ever" More Results + Rd 1 pt 4 voting

I was just telling JstDawnee, my lovely wife for those of you who don't know her, that the very worst part about doing this blog is that when I'm counting the votes, these songs tend to go through my head. After I'm done, I have to play something that I like in order to get the damn things out of there. For round 1 part 2, the majority of the losers were very clear cut with 1 exception. Just as in part 1, there was one tie and a very difficult decision for me to make, one that at this moment, I'm not 100% sure which I'll pick, but we'll get to that in a few.

First, I want to do a little advertising once again for some of my favorite blogs. Be sure and check them out and add the authors to your favorites if you like their work. Last time I posted links in the body of my blog for LazerWright and Section_725 and they have since posted new material for you to vote on, so be sure to check them out and cast your ballots once again. This time I'm going with John_Lennon2's jokes blog. There are some great laughs in here. http://johnlennon2.blogs.sportsline
 I especially like his post for today. Also, The aforementioned JstDawnee has started a blog. It's the best of youtube. http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs
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Okay, enough of that. Let's get on with it.

Group E. Kung-Fu Fighting and All by Myself are gone, beaten somewhat soundly by Sir Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime and completely destroyed by what looks like a tournament "favorite", Billy Ray Cyrus' magical tune "Achy Breaky Heart. Billy was named on around 90% of your ballots. Billy, I just don't think you understand... your song sucks, and it sucks bad!

Group F. Styx is out. Thank you very much-o Mr. Roboto, but your services will no longer be required. Funkytown, a song that some here have said was a candidate for the finals just didn't make enough people want to vomit. Lipps Inc., with it's incredibly clever and punny  band name (NOT!), pulls a Keyser Soze and escapes right under our noses, while Yummy Yummy Yummy and Muskrat Love face humiliations galore and move on to the next round.

Group G. This was the most clear cut of any of the four. A vast majority of you agreed that Seasons in the Sun and Rock Lobster aren't really that bad. I'm with you, although I'm not a big fan of either one of them. Albert Morris got the gong with Feelings making Chuck Barris and Jamie Farr proud. I'm showing my age here, so if some of you younger voters aren't following me, ask someone over 40. The leader of this pack was done by a band I saw at Comiskey Park on my 13th birthday. I was actually there to see a ballgame, I swear. According to you voters, S A T U R D A Y Night, B L O W S and the amazing Bay City Rollers roll on.

Group H. Okay, I was pretty sure you guys wouldn't vote Dave Matthews forward, and you didn't. That was one of my nominations. I hate hate hate the song Satellite. But, this is a democracy, not a dictatorship and so Dave and his band are spared further degradation. 1 vote separated 1st from 3rd in this group. A song that I didn't think would advance ended up with the most votes. It makes me happy though as I can't stand this song after hearing it 40 million times at work in the last few years. To Mr. James Blunt, I say this: You are not Beautiful! You're moving to the next round. It's true. And finally, it's almost a coin flip for me. I'm like a Bird or Morning Train. Spare me the agony of having to listen to both of these piles of dog doodoo. Heads or tails? Ugh. I... I... I pick I'm Like a Bird. Damn that was tough.

Wow, I'm kind of wordy tonight. Sorry about that. Well, not really. I think I'll just shut up now and post the next 4 groups. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Shutting up now. Not talking. Not saying a word. Okay fine. Here you go.

Group M

  • Having my Baby, Paul Anka
  • Start Me Up, Rolling Stones
  • Lost in Love, Air Supply
  • I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred

Group N

  • Rock Me Amadeus, Falco
  • Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Wang Chung
  • Do you Really Want to Hurt Me?, Culture Club
  • U Can't Touch This, Hammer

Group O

  • Last Christmas, Wham
  • Little Willy, Sweet
  • Our Lips Are Sealed, The Go-Gos
  • Barbie Girl, Aqua

Group P

  • She Bangs, Ricky Martin
  • Mandy, Barry Manilow
  • Southern Man, Neil Young
  • Sugar Sugar, The Archies

Before any Stones or Neil Young fans go off on me, I just have to say this... Neither of these songs were nominated by me, and I think it's more fun if we have a huge variety of bands in here. I could've put just about every air supply song ever made in the tourney and no one would complain. Also, I have tried to be very impartial in my selections and in not trying to sway the votes in any direction. But, looking at the Stones and Neil's competition, it shouldn't be too tough for them to escape. But don't let that sway you my wonderful voters. Just choose up to 2 songs from each group that you dislike more than the other songs in the group. If you haven't voted in the previous posting, it is still open. Thanks in advance for your votes. Till next time, YO


NOTE: This round is now closed. Thanks for voting.

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