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Posted on: February 10, 2009 3:46 am

Final 2 prelim results: Worst Song Ever

I just wanted to post results here for anyone who cares or who actually takes the time to read these things. Immediately after I finish this, I will go to work on posting the first Tournament brackets as I have finally finished the counting and seeding with thanks to my lovely wife JstDawnee for helping me a bit. It was a lot more work than I had planned on, but it is done.

Let's move right on to the results from Prelim rounds 7 and 8

Group Y: Hard to believe, but I only put 1 Village People song in this thing. Even harder to believe is that it is going home. YMCA is NOT, according to your votes, one of the worst 65 popular songs in history. It isn't ridiculous, stupid, horrid, inane, asinine, or even just plain lame. But that's just your opinion... and Shake Your Booty isn't all that bad either I guess. Worse in your book would be the poignant love song I Wanna Sex You Up by those bastions of pop culture, Color Me Badd, and  the amazing ballad immortalized by Eddie Murphy's Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America... it's Whitney Houston with The Greatest Love of All.

Group Z: This one surprised me. Silly me, I thought people actually liked John Mayer. But you proved to me that you do have some musical taste after voting Say through to the next round. I don't know if he actually wrote this (I guess I will look it up later) but the lyrics to this song are amazing. Say what you need to say, say what you need to say. Say what you need to say, say what you need to say ay ay ay ay. Wow. That's fantastic. Leaving us from this group are the bubblegum classic, 123 Red Light, and a song that makes me throw up a little every time I hear it called No One, by Alicia Keys. Besides the lyrical genius of Mr. Mayer (or his songwriter), moving forward to the round of 65, which should surprise uhh.. no one... is Rico Suave . Uhh Yeah. Good song. Blecch.

Group A2: At times, when I was making out these lists and then watching the voting stay tight for all 4 songs, I would wonder if they were all bad songs, or maybe I just hadn't dug deep enough, and they were just so-so (wow, that's just a horrible sentence. Where's my editor when I need her? Oh, that's right, I don't have one). Anyway, if you understood what I meant there (and even if you didn't), this group showed me that I had found some truly horrible songs. The proof is in the pudding, whatever the hell that means. No, for me, the proof was in the fact that She-Bop by Cyndi Lauper only received 1 vote. ONE. That's it. For I bop, she bop a they bop. Seriously??? I think it is the only song throughout the entire tourney that only got 1. Weird. Anyway, the other three were seperated by only 1 vote. The one that squeaked its way out was She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy, probably because there's a little humor value in the title. Moving forward is Bad by Jack-o and the equally bad Mmm-Bop by Hanson.

Group B2: Eliminated from this group are Rollin' by Limp Bizkit (I always found that to be one of the dumbest band names EVER) and Gloria, by Laura Brannigan, a song that has made me cringe for over 20 years. There were no surprises in this grouping however as Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You , a song I've thought of as a contender for the finals moves forward... and Don Johnson's Heartbeat , proving once and for all that ACTORS SHOULD NOT TRY TO SING!

Group C2: In my opinion, the final 4 groups had only 2 surprise tournament qualifiers. One of them, Ebony and Ivory , while truly boring and sappy, not to mention a waste of two talented performers' time, didn't really strike me as a "Worst Song Ever" candidate. You disagreed. Hollaback Girl, which was not the song I expected to beat it, didn't. At Seventeen, which WAS the song I expected to move forward, is sadly removed from the competition. The other tournament entry, which should surprise nary a soul, including the members of Los Del Rio, is The Macarena.

Group D2: No real surprises here, although I thought 99 Red Balloons would get a little more hate, but it had the lowest total of this group, even behind Don't Worry, Be Happy, a song that I will admit to finding mildly amusing at one point in my life. Moving on will be Sonny and Cher's The Beat Goes On , ladi dadi dee, ladi dadi dah... and Brand New Key , by Melanie. Ahh, simpler times, when lyrical sexual innuendos were as far as they would go instead of lyrics like "I wanna lick lick lick you from your head to your toes, and I wanna !@#$ !@#$ ~!@# you right there on the flo," or whatever the heck they said there. Well, it may have been simpler, but the songs were just as $#!++^

Group E2: Okay, I never expected this song to move forward. In fact I had no idea if it would even get many votes at all. It wasn't close to advancing, but enough of you hate this song to justify it being in for me. Five for Fighting's Superman is one of my least favorite songs ever. What a pile of crap. If I never hear that one again, it'll be too soon. Anyway, it's out. Barry Manilow escapes the humiliation of having 2 entries by narrowly escaping the tourney with Copacabana. This is my second surprise for this round. Instead, moving forward will be Boogie Oogie Oogie , by Peaches and Herb, and Milkshake , by Kellis. I'm not quite sure which one of those I expected to be out, but all Barry has to worry about is Mandy now. I'm sure he's freaking out.

Group F2: The final group went exactly as I expected. Two of the songs that I can admit to having enjoyed more than a little in their day are out. Those would be Whip it and Black Betty. I rocked out to both of them as a teenager. I have no use for them anymore, but they were okay and maybe didn't belong in this thing. They were nominated by someone a few months ago when I started this  (yes it has taken forever, but it will move toward the end fairly quickly now) and so I put them in. Moving forward are the much deserving Mickey , by Toni Basil (I stand corrected) and In the Year 2525 , by Zager and Evans. Funny, but in Lazer's blog-off of the best rock songs, Z and E moved into the 2nd round with this song. I actually thought I liked this song once, but then heard it again after going years without hearing it. I have to say, it belongs here.

So that's it. If you gotten this far, thanks for reading. If you haven't read this far, well then I guess I have nothing to say to you. Be sure to check the blog every 10 days or so to vote for "The Worst Song Ever!!!"


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